• After the cost of ingredients, shipping is probably the largest contributor to what each meal delivery service costs.

    Several of the larger services have even set up distribution centers on opposite sides of the country to help keep your cost lower. The majority of plans have the shipping cost built into your price, but be sure to check before you complete your purchase.

    Some services even offer you the ability to pay a small fee and get your shipment the very next day! A la carte services will usually give you free shipping as a bonus when you subscribe.

  • A major concern with any mail order service is making sure what you receive in the box lives up to your expectations. Since you are buying perishable items, freshness is a critical factor to how delicious your meal will be.

    Specially designed cooling packs and high-tech isolating wool will ensure your products arrive fresh so you can prepare the best meal possible. If your carbon footprint keeps you up at night, make sure you see if your service utilizes materials such as space-age plant technology Jute or non-branded TemperPack.

    [[editor’s note]] instead of traditional ice, this whole industry seems much more concerned with “insulation.” I suppose temperature and time of year has a major impact. This question is attributable to many blog posts and whole volumes of information on packaging. no clue how to address[[end editor’s note]]

    All meal delivery services recommend that boxes be immediately unpacked upon receipt and refrigerated as necessary.

  • An important question a lot of people has is whether or not the materials in the packaging are either recyclable and/or fully compostable.

    If you care about your carbon footprint, you are going to want to make sure the utmost thought has gone into reusable materials. Most meal delivery services are equally concerned and allow you to return the box and all the packaging back to them at no cost.

    Another important factor is the use of recycled materials in the packaging. Some services utilize things such as recycled blue jeans to insulate your packages.


  • seems pretty important to tie this or separate question about “what if I go on vacation?”

    If you have chosen a subscription service, you will want to make sure what your options are if you opt-out of a weekly delivery. Most providers will let you skip certain meals, as long as you make your elections in advance.

    Many services offer the option to “pause” your subscription at any time and for any duration. Please be sure to check the deadlines applicable to your individual service.

    Depending on whether or not you have chosen the auto-renew option, you may not even need to do anything if you don’t like meals one week.

  • If you have chosen an auto-renew option for your subscription service, you will want to be sure to keep your payment information up to date and keep track of when your plan renews. If you are looking to cancel and you are only half-way through your cycle, you may not be able to get a refund.

    Whether your plan has a mobile app or just a browser version, you should be able to easily find the “cancel” page. It’s often located right on your payment and/or subscription page.

  • Even if all precautions have been taken, spoilage can sometimes occur.

    The majority of services are radical about customer support and would love to hear from you. You should be able to easily find a customer service form where you can tell them about your experience. You can often receive a credit or a new box.

    If spoilage continues to be an issue, maybe you should search for a different service. Depending on the time of year and the products you choose, environmental factors may impact freshness.