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Blue Apron

Blue Apron allows you to cook delicious meals at home. Their chefs work directly with farmers to offer fresh, seasonal ingredients at low prices along with great environmental benefits.

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Official Description

Blue Apron makes cooking fun and easy. We’ll provide you with all the ingredients that you need to make a delicious meal in exactly the right proportions.

About the Food

Blue Apron recipes are carefully crafted with cooperation between chefs, farmers, ranchers, and fisheries.

Here are some key points about Blue Apron’s food:

  • Blue Apron works with farmers and rangers to ensure animals are raised without added hormones and supports farmers who use sustainable practices like regenerative farming
  • All Blue Apron fish and shellfish are rated ‘Best Choice’ or ‘Good Alternative’ by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch
  • Blue Apron sources the highest-quality produce and other ingredients, much of which is USDA certified organic

Stop by the Blue Apron Cookbook on their site for tons of recipes you can try yourself.

Blue Apron Diet
  • Traditional


Here are just a few Blue Apron recipes:

  • Katsu-Style Catfish with Black Garlic Mayonnaise & Jasmine Rice
    Katsu-Style Catfish with Black Garlic Mayonnaise & Jasmine Rice
  • roasted-chickpea-freekeh-salad-with-harissa-glazed-carrots-dates
    Roasted Chickpea & Freekeh Salad with Harissa-Glazed Carrots & Dates
  • Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni with Little Gem & Marinated Shallot Salad
    Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni with Little Gem & Marinated Shallot Salad

How it Works

Blue Apron How it Works

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Here’s how Blue Apron Works:

  1. To get started, choose between a 2-Person or Family plan and personalize your menu with your dietary preferences
  2. Then, choose a delivery time and you’ll get refrigerated boxes of farm-fresh seasonal ingredients shipped right to you
  3. Finally, use the included recipe cards and how-to videos to cook delicious meals at home

What’s Included

Blue Apron packages come in 2-serving and 4-serving “family” sizes, and offer:

  • Pre-portioned ingredients for well-balanced meals that you can create at home
  • Farm-fresh, seasonal produce, meat with no added hormones, and sustainably-sourced seafood
  • Recipe cards and how-to videos with step-by-step instructions, and the story behind the ingredients


How much does Blue Apron cost? The average price per serving is $8.99. Below you’ll find weekly pricing as of Mar 14, 2017.

2 Servings
2-Person Plan

3 meals / week

$59.94 / week

$9.99 / serving

4 Servings
Family Plan

2 meals / week

$69.92 / week

$8.74 / serving

4 meals / week

$139.84 / week

$8.74 / serving


Blue Apron offers two plans including a 2-Person Plan and a Family Plan.

2-Person Plan

The two-person plan includes three seasonally-inspired meals for two people (or one hungry person) each week.

Family Plan

Blue Apron’s Family Plan includes either two or four meals per week, with four servings of each meal to feed your entire family (provided there are only four of you).


Blue Apron meal delivery plans have no membership fees, shipping fees or any other types of fees.

Coupons & Offers

You might want to sign up for Blue Apron email updates (or just “abandon” your shopping cart on their site) as a few days later they often email a link for $30 or even $40 off your first week.

Blue Apron also occasionally offers discounts and coupon codes like NEWMEALS20 that get you $20 off your first week so be sure to keep an eye out for those.

Key Features

  • Format

    Meal-kits you make yourself

  • Customizable

    No, weekly menus cannot be customized

  • Free Trial

    No, does not offer a free trial

  • Lunch Plans

    No, does not offer lunch

  • Meals for One

    No, one-serving plans are not available

Customer Service

  • Phone

    Call Blue Apron at (646) 891-4349. They’re available M-F 10am - 6pm ET.

  • Switching Plans

    You can change your plan and dietary preferences at any time right from your Blue Apron account.

  • How do I cancel Blue Apron?

    Blue Apron subscriptions have no minimum commitment. Orders can be skipped or canceled by 12pm EST 6 days before your next shipment.

  • Refunds

    Contact Blue Apron if you aren’t satisfied with any of their meals or ingredients as they may offer a replacement, full or partial refund, or credit. As with most meal delivery services, you may have to provide a photo.


See the difference between Blue Apron and these popular meal delivery services:

Delivery Area

Blue Apron delivers to the states highlighted in green.

Blue Apron delivers to the contiguous United States. As usual, sorry Alaska and Hawaii.

Official Video

Learn more about Blue Apron with this overview video:

About the Creators

Matt Wadiak, Matt Salzberg and Ilia Papas, co-founders of Blue Apron

Matt Wadiak, Matt Salzberg and Ilia Papas, co-founders of Blue Apron

Photo by Yana Paskova / Washington Post

Blue Apron was founded in tiny New York City apartments by Matt Salzberg, Ilia Papas, and Matt Wadiak in the summer of 2012. Blue Apron has since expanded quite a bit. As of Jan 2017, they’re sending over 8 million meals per month with thousands of people at four offices.

If you’ve got a few minutes, Blue Apron also does an excellent job of showcasing their vision and methodology on their website. It’s informative and inspirational.

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