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Plated is one of the most flexible meal delivery services, with 2, 3, and 4 serving options and desserts. They offer adventurous recipes that allows cooks of all skill levels to make delicious meals at home.

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Official Description

Experience a better way to cook dinner at home with Plated. Choose from chef-designed recipes and get precisely measured ingredients delivered each week.

About the Food

The culinary team at Plated is no joke, churning out unique dinners each and every week, and the ability to choose from 11 recipes each week (and desserts if you’d like) helps ensure every meal is a winner.

Plated’s pork and poultry are both raised without antibiotics, and they partner with trusted fisheries to support sustainable fishing. Their beef has no added hormones, and they’ve got fresh, seasonal, and sometimes organic produce.

And as an added bonus, you expect a chance to try out some small-batch artisanal ingredients that are hand-crafted for the highest quality.

Plated Diets
  • Traditional

  • Vegetarian


Here are just a few Plated recipes:

  • Broccoli Cheddar Calzones with Marinara Sauce
    Broccoli Cheddar Calzones with Marinara Sauce
  • Buffalo Cauliflower Bowl
    Buffalo Cauliflower Bowl with Corn, Romaine, and Greek Yogurt Ranch
  • Cajun-Dusted Cod with Corn and Bell Pepper Succotash and Lime Crema
    Cajun-Dusted Cod with Corn and Bell Pepper Succotash and Lime Crema

How it Works

Plated does a great job of explaining how it works on their website. Here’s a summary:

  1. Sign up and pick a plan based on your desired number of servings and meals per week
  2. Pick from your choice of 11 seasonal recipes each week, and optional desserts
  3. Get your insulated box delivered from 8am to 8pm on the day you choose
  4. Cook amazing meals at home that are sure to impress

What’s Included

With Plated, you can expect a new seasonal menu every week, including:

  • 11 recipes designed by Plated chefs that you can cook in 20 minutes to an hour
  • High-quality farm-sourced ingredients with sustainable seafood and responsibly-sourced meats
  • The ability to choose just the recipes you’re most interested in


How much does Plated cost? The average price per serving is $12.17. Below you’ll find weekly pricing as of Mar 14, 2017.

2 Servings

2 meals / week

$50.00 / week

$12.50 / serving

3 meals / week

$78.00 / week

$13.00 / serving

4 meals / week

$102.00 / week

$12.75 / serving

3 Servings

2 meals / week

$72.00 / week

$12.00 / serving

3 meals / week

$108.00 / week

$12.00 / serving

4 meals / week

$144.00 / week

$12.00 / serving

4 Servings

2 meals / week

$96.00 / week

$12.00 / serving

3 meals / week

$144.00 / week

$12.00 / serving

4 meals / week

$192.00 / week

$12.00 / serving


Plated’s 2-serving plans include a $6 shipping fee.

Coupons & Offers

Plated often offers a “first meal free” deal where can save $48 for a 4-serving plan with 4 meals per week.

Key Features

  • Format

    Meal-kits you make yourself

  • Customizable

    Yes, weekly menus can be customized

  • Free Trial

    Free meals are available (requires purchase)

  • Lunch Plans

    No, does not offer lunch

  • Meals for One

    No, one-serving plans are not available

Customer Service

  • Phone

    Call Plated at (855) 525-2399. They’re available 7 days a week, 9am to Midnight ET.

  • Switching Plans

    Plated is extremely flexible. You can change the number of servings or meals per week at any time. Plus, you can opt to skip a week and swap recipes as you please.

  • How do I cancel Plated?

    With Plated there are no commitments. You can cancel anytime.

  • Refunds

    Plated offers freshness and quality guarantee for all of their products and services. Though you may need to provide a photo, Plated may offer credits or refunds if you are dissatisfied.


See the difference between Plated and these popular meal delivery services:

Delivery Area

Plated delivers to the states highlighted in green.

Plated delivers to nearly the entire continental United States. If you are in Alaska, Hawaii, or San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Laredo, or Midland, Texas, sorry to say you’re out of luck. Your ZIP code will be confirmed before you sign up.

About the Creators

The creators of Plated, launched in 2012, believe that making it easy for people to eat well makes the work a better place.

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